Purpose of the Christian Broadcasting Network

The mission of Christian Broadcasting Network has always been to spread the Gospel to the people. Ever since it first broadcasted in 1961, this has been the purpose of the station and the program. Through The 700 Club program televangelist Pat Roberson was able to accomplish this and was able to spread the Gospel to more than 300 million people. Alongside The 700 Club, CBN produced religious news programs. This includes the CBN NewsWatch and the Christian World News Series.

The ministry work of CBN has changed the lives for more than 500 million people across the globe. These people have turned their lives around and followed Jesus Christ because of the programs of CBN. Many were inspired and decided to join their local churches. CBN also has online communities that are dedicated to spreading the word of God, prayers and discipleship.

In relation with spreading the word of God, part of the mission of CBN is to prepare the world for the second coming of Christ. This is accomplished by the many prayer centers that CBN has established across the world. The prayer centers are supervised by the local CBN and are in the country's respective local language. Included in the works of the prayer center are providing ministry through online chats, SMS and emails.

To spread the Gospel to as many nations as possible and to areas where ministry is most in need, CBN trains ministers so that they can work on these areas. The local offices ensures that CBN also regularly holds evangelistic conferences, hosts websites, participates in community projects and produces TV shows in these areas.

In line with the mission of CBN to spread the Gospel, CBN provides humanitarian aid and relief through medical outreaches, providing support and assistance to orphans and vulnerable children, providing clean water in some parts of Africa and Asia and sponsors job training and life training skills to communities in need of employment opportunities.


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