Christian Broadcasting Network

Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) is nonprofit organization that offers, among other things, television programs to about 200 countries across the globe that reach millions of people every day. Although it was originally founded as a television station, it is today one of the most successful Christian television stations in the world and has evolved to more than just a television network. Under the organization are wide ranges of institutions, ranging from counseling services, to relief organization, to the Regent University.

One of its most important programs is the 24-hour telephone prayer line. Its major broadcasting program is "The 700 Club". It is the longest running broadcast program in the world, as it has been on air since its debuted in 1966. CBN is the production outfit of "The 700 Club" as well as other syndicated shows, such as the "CBN NewsWatch", "One Cubed", "Spiritual Gifts Live Web show", "700 Club Interactive" and "Christian World News".

Along with Regent University, it also produced the movie "First Landing". Other shows of CBN include "Stakelbeck on Terror" and "The Brody File". There are now also several CBN channels, including the CBN News Channel, CBN TV and CBN Espa


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